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Wednesday, 07 February 2018

ImageA massive landslide threatens to obliterate a national monument honoring the heroes of a WW2 battle in eastern Bosnia. The landslide was noticed on Saturday by the administration of the Sutjeska national park. According to the photos from the site of the Tjentište monument, a large chunk of the hill where the monument is located has broken off and slid. Heavy rainfall in the area of Foča municipality is the likely cause.

The Sutjeska national park manager Dejan Pavlović told N1 television: “The landslide claimed half of the hill, and the area containing the memorial tomb and the monument to the (partisan) fighters killed in the Battle of Sutjeska is threatened.”

Built in 1971, the Tjentište monument honors a 1943 battle, in which the retreating communist guerrilla units fought the advancing German forces, set to crush the resistance against the Nazi-allied government.

The monument was set for a restoration as the centerpiece of the Sutjeska national park.


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