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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

ImageWhile on her way home from Japan in June 1953 Eleanor made a stop in Yugoslavia. During her visit she traveled to Brionia to meet with Josip Tito, President of Yugoslavia. Eleanor recounted parts of that trip in her autobiography:

Next morning I arrived at the President’s villa alone promptly at ten o’clock, riding in a Victoria. There were no obvious signs of guards or police near the villa, although no doubt the marshal is protected in an unobtrusive way, as our White House is protected by the Secret Service men…As I entered, a young-looking man came across the room to greet me. For a few moments, I could not believe that this was Marshal Tito because he seemed far too youthful. It was only after he had greeted me warmly and I had seated myself on a sofa beside him that I was able to observe that his hair was graying and there were deep lines of experience in his strongly molded face. He has great charm and a strong personality. His jaw juts out and he speaks in the manner of a man who gives orders and expects to be obeyed. But he does have a sense of humor and he was pleasant to me, and he conveyed the impression of speaking frankly and honestly…

Later we all went down to the dock where we got into a speedboat to go to a small island that Marshal Tito uses as a retreat when he wishes to be alone. The marshal himself piloted one speedboat, taking me with him, and seemed to get a great deal of fun out of it.

Still later in the afternoon, we took a short trip on the stat yacht in the Adriatic. The security officers surrounding Marshal Tito were obviously nervous about the possibility of kidnapping, and the ship was accompanied by armed vessels while military airplanes were constantly overhead or nearby.

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