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Saturday, 18 January 2014

ImageA ceremony was held in Zagreb Town Hall on Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of the formation of the 10th Zagreb Corps, which had fought against occupying forces in the Zagreb area and northwestern Croatia during World War II. The ceremony was attended by President Ivo Josipovic, Mayor Milan Bandic, City Council Chairman Darinko Kosor, members of Parliament, surviving resistance fighters, and the Ambassadors of Norway and Ukraine, Henrik Ofstad and Oleksandr Levchenko respectively.

Greeting the surviving members of the Corps, Josipovic said that the values they had fought for -- freedom, democracy and brotherhood among people -- had prevailed, but noted that their victory was not final. "As we could see during the Homeland War, there always appear those who want to conquer others and make them their servants. Your message of 'no' to such people will forever be remembered by the generations to come."

Josipovic said that the European Union would not exist today had fascism not been defeated in WWII, and that the Union was founded on the ideas of freedom and peace.

Josipovic said he was glad that Zagreb was proud of its antifascist tradition. "Zagreb has a square named after the man who led the anti-fascist struggle and I hope its name will never be changed," he said, referring to Marshal Josip Broz Tito. He expressed hope that Zagreb would again have a street named after the 10th Corps.

The 10th Zagreb Corps was formed on January 19, 1944 out of several other units operating in northwestern Croatia. It had over 20,000 soldiers, of whom 7,786 were killed or wounded.

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